I did not have any experience with business ownership but felt confident I could manage afar since I had many years of experience as a work from home employee for a major company.   I soon realized running a business takes almost an entirely different management approach, one that requires constant communication and vigilance.  I also knew I needed to make some tough decisions to keep my business running correctly but was fearful to execute on making these changes and some of the impact it might have.  Xcelsior Associates helped me navigate these waters.

Over 3 short months, we met regularly and with their coaching and tools, I was able to identify  my strengths and  effectively manage my weaknesses so I could execute the changes I needed to make.  The assessments provided have proven to be invaluable as I utilize this information almost daily with my interactions with my team.  I truly believe I have become a much better leader, business owner and communicator.
I highly recommend Xcelsior Associates to all business owners because your job is to help other people do their job better, so you have to have the skills and knowledge to define what better means and execute the behavior.
Kelly Dunn – Owner
Burn Boot Camp Wake Forest
― Customer Feedback